Deliciously Dark Tales released Oct. 22, 2014. If you like it dark, you'll love this one! Available from Amazon

"It's Great!! I have read many so-called scary stories that have failed to give me goosebumps, but this collection is sure to thrill and chill you to the bone!!!" - Goodreads

Discover Dark Tales at their finest. Not the “Boo, I scared you,” kind. Nothing will jump out of this book and scare you. The written words never leave the page. You can watch them. But once you’ve feasted on these fresh new tales, they will cling to you, sneak up on you when your mind is turned, and a tingly shiver from, It’s Always Best With Roses, will slither up your spine.

If you are looking for happy ever after’s, kindly vampires, or socially adept specters, you’ve taken a wrong turn. These tales hearken back to the days when dark tales were… well, dark.

Tales to make you look under the bed before you drop off to a restless night of wondering what lies in the shadows cast by moonlight bleeding through The Hallway. Nights when you turn on a light because the shadow by the door moved. Then, leave it on. Not that you’re scared… but as you glance at the drawing on your wall you wonder who, or what, guided The Artist.

At some point, you drop off to sleep. Disturbing images slither through your dreams. You awaken – sweaty – panting – reaching for the light. Didn’t you leave it on? You wish night would end, then you could go about your normal life, except Lunch With My Mentor, replays in the back of your mind, and you scrutinize your food. Each time you close your eyes, you listen, Used Bricks calls to you. What’s that noise? It sounds like razor-sharp claws scraping against tile.

Praise for J.E. Thompson’s YA novel, Revelation:

“This is one book where I can actually say that I liked all the characters… It was a really good experience…I’d say this book is definitely worth a read.”
“It was such a fun read…The story is smoothly written and the right mix of originality and realism.” 
"I loved the concept... I am looking forward to the next installment next year!"-Katrina
"(Revelation) keeps a good pace and has fun, interesting characters. It got me very interested for the sequel to see what happens next. I'd recommend it to those that like YA and just fiction in general."-Anna N.

The new YA sci-fi adventure book one in the ALMOST HUMAN series available from

After becoming lost in the Oregon coast forest, fifteen year old Michelle Thorn encounters Bigfoot and sets off a firestorm that will illuminate a Homeland Security conspiracy.

And for fans of detective stories,  Grant Stone - Mistaken Identity Chapter 1 - First chapter of my snarky detective's foray into the world of intrigue, murder for hire and the cost of doing business behind the curtain of legitimacy. Soon to be published in paperback and on Kindle.

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