I fell in love with writing stories in elementary school. I won a story contest, and the feeling of seeing my name on that winning entry ignited some embers in my soul that smoldered to this day. Sometimes glowing dimly, other times fanned into and inferno.

Now the fire to create word conflagrations is a steady flame and I write a variety of genres, YA fiction, (see Almost Human Chapter 1 excerpt) light-hearted horror, and snarky detective stories. Not that the stories are snarky, but my detective Grant Stone can't resist sharing his observations.

My writing is clean, some violence, but for the most part, nothing you would be embarrassed about if your thirteen year old picked it up to see what you are reading. I try to write what readers want to read. I figure if I enjoy what I write, others will too. I hope you enjoy my work. Check out some of the free stories on my blog.

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