Tongue Tied and other stories

Tongue Tied -  A wild tale of a bounty hunter and his dragon
ply their trade in the futuristic Old West amid gunslingers, thieves and bartenders. Click on the episodes below and join Grant and Bessie as they clean up the West, or at least try to.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6 
Episode 7

The Artist - a light-hearted horror story about a boy with a unique artistic talent and his protective friend.

Body Grabber - a light-hearted horror story about a second chance that goes wrong.

The Dowser - a not so light-hearted horror story about a girl who makes the mistake of accepting a drink from a stranger with a dark history.

Grant Stone - Mistaken Identity ch 1 -  Lieutenant Grant Stone was forced to retire. He now divides his time between Ranger, his dog, Kuffs, his coffee shop, and doing private investigations. Some people don't appreciate his style, but enough to kill him?

Almost Human excerpt - Chapter 1 from my YA novel Revelation. If you think getting lost in the forest at fifteen is frightening for Michelle Thorn, try adding seeing a Bigfoot. What starts as a search for a friend's lost dog culminates in a revelation of  evolutionary proportions.

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